Boston Child Support Modification Attorney

Lawyers Handling Child Support Modifications

Changes to child support orders occur frequently. The court recognizes that prior orders that may have once worked no longer make sense. Children develop other needs, such as special tutoring because of a previously undiagnosed learning disability. They may have shown athletic or musical talent and need lessons or sports camps. One spouse may lose his or her job. Issues such as these and many others become the basis for court-ordered child support modifications.

Changes That Justify a Request to Modify Child Support

Attorneys at Pollack Law Group, P.C. know how to give you the best chance at prevailing on either side of the modification proposal. We handle child support modifications that incorporate changes in the ability of either spouse to pay or receive child support. In either case, the proposal must meet the standard for modification in Massachusetts; three years must have passed since the last support order, or there must be a significant change in circumstances. These changes can include:

  • Reduction or increase in either person's income and earning capacity
  • Change in the assets available for support
  • Change in the employee benefits of each party
  • Emancipation of a child
  • Change in the health condition of the parents or children or extraordinary medical expenses
  • Loss of job or change in salary resulting in economic hardship
  • New children or new mates
  • Changes in the law
  • Change in the cost of living
  • Change in the educational needs of the children
  • Changes in the tax considerations of either party

Don't Try to Seek Child Support Modifications by Yourself

Many former spouses feel they can work out changes in child support by themselves because they communicate effectively and get along. Like everything else, however, their good relationship can change. Formalizing a modification in child support protects both parties.

Our lawyers help clients evaluate their situations and help them determine whether a request to modify support is warranted. With more than more than 100 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with representation tailored to your specific needs. Clients know that we prepare each case as if going to trial; this means we can deal with anything that comes up during the legal process.

Massachusetts Law About Child Support Modification is Applied Locally, on a County-By-County Basis

There are close to 20 divorce and family law courtrooms across Massachusetts. Because each courthouse and each judge operates slightly differently from the others, our firm assigns attorneys to specific courthouses so that he or she becomes a familiar face to the Family Services officers, judicial case workers and judges. We call this the home court advantage.

For more information about modifications to child support payments, call a Boston child support lawyer at 800-763-1030. Or, e-mail us to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve clients in Middlesex, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk counties and throughout Massachusetts.

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